"I have been taking lessons with Tara and have achieved for vocal success than I have before. Her approach to teaching voice is very thought through and never does she "wing it." Her fusion of the Reid and Caesari methods have yielded wonderful results in my voice. My range has grown immensely and never do I feel strained or forced. Tara's methods liberate your singing and teach the registers of your voice to work together in a seamless and healthy manner. She has also trained my voice to be coordinated and nimble. Tara is everything you want or need in a teacher. I cannot recommend her enough. She is the greatest teacher, friend, and vocal guru you could ask for. If you are contemplating trying a lesson GO FOR IT. Give her a month and watch how quickly you grow."

- Bryden L. 


Welcome! I'd be happy to answer any of your questions, and do hope you will try a few lessons before making a decision. Voice lessons and rates vary greatly depending on the teacher, their experience, knowledge, and level, so I recommend trying a few lessons with various teachers to find the right match for you. Fundamentally, we work on balanced registration, pitch, volume, expanding range, resonance adjustment, and more.









I am very passionate about my teaching. I teach all voice types, all styles, and all levels!  You can read more about my teaching philosophy on my website, but I teach the healthiest way to sing, based on how the voice works, scientifically. I have spent the last 13 years studying vocal science and pedagogy exclusively (in Los Angeles) and my teaching shows it. I do sing all styles and all levels. In fact, many of my students' styles range from classical to musical theatre, pop/contemporary, folk, rock, and jazz, blues and sometimes country! They are in bands, choral groups, on the stage, and some just sing privately or in small venues, so no pressure.  While in LA, I sang with the LA Opera and am hired frequently for individual gigs for several private events. As a professional singer, I get the opportunity to sing with professional companies. I'm an Actor's Equity Member and an American Guild of Musical Artist Member (must meet professional requirements to be in these organizations.)   I am also a pianist, play a bit of guitar, and I conduct a church choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Ventura, CA.  I am a Professor of Voice at Ventura College as well.


As far as the lesson goes: it is divided in 1/2 - first half is technique: vocalises/exercises that I give the student based on what I hear in the voice that needs work and balancing. I am listening to what is happening in the larynx and pharynx and I begin to do my work adjusting the surrounding supporting muscular systems through exercises. The exercises are specifically intended to trigger a muscle response that puts the apparatus in better balance as the weeks go on, which results in more permanent, better aspects of complete vocal technique (blended registration, strong volume, and perfect pitch). I require my students to record their lessons so they can practice with it at home. After this vocalise work, then we go into working on songs/repertoire and dramatic elements, musicality and having fun while singing! The muscles will be in better shape from the exercises, and as the lessons continue, the student will notice an obvious improvement in how they sound, and how much easier (and enjoyable) singing is. The songs will improve almost instantly as the voice's muscles improve! I will also integrate musical theory and sight reading when I feel the student will benefit, or if they are interested. I expect the student to review the recording daily, if possible, singing with the vocalises and remembering how to apply things we talk about to the songs. It is disciplined work, but it pays off quickly.


Check out reviews from some students and try a lesson for yourself!





Hope to hear from you soon!


This is my home studio in Oxnard, right off the 101 fwy (near The Collection shopping area in Riverpark). We have a beautiful Kawai grand piano and it is a lovely, spacious, resonant space to sing in privacy.

At our first lesson, I like to hear singers and see if they are ready for this type of work.  I see where their voices are in their development, and how they respond to my teaching and possibly have them read some music.

Voice lessons are for ages 12 and older.

Schedule a lesson:

Payment is PRE-paid and to be received immediately following booking

or the lesson will re-open for others to book. Thank you for your cooperation.


"I've been taking lessons from Tara for a few months now and I can hear huge improvements already. Over the years I've had a couple of voice teachers and some of them just tell you to sing louder or focus on your breathing, but Tara can give you precise feedback along with exercises that will immediately improve your voice." -Alec K.

"Working with Tara Eisenhauer has improved me so much as a musician, a singer, a worker and I think as a person overall. Having the chance to take lessons has drastically improved my voice, it has expanded my range and has made my voice stand out when I want it to and blend with other voices when I want it too as well. She manages to help this much while being a very accepting person for all backgrounds and skill levels. Anyone who needs vocal lessons, I implore you to take lessons with Tara Eisenhauer, it won't be a cakewalk, but it's well worth it you want to improve!" -Daniel S.


"I have been taking lessons with Tara for 6 years now. Even after year 1, I heard and felt incredible results with my voice, and now it's beyond what I could have ever imagined for my voice. I am a soprano, and when I came to Tara, I had high notes but an extremely underdeveloped overall voice. She has made singing so much more comfortable by developing it properly with me as well as purifying and refining technique. I love the way my voice sounds now, and I really understand what is going on with the muscle systems and the cords themselves. Tara teaches in easy-to-understand yet anatomical terms, which shows she really knows the voice in a scientific way. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anybody and everybody who wants to sing healthily and beautifully.

More over, she is an incredibly performer and hard worker. She can do any task you set her out to do and will do it to 110% of your expectations! She is a dream to work with - extremely intelligent, honest, patient, kind, and definitely knows her worth."

-Katalin P.



My philosophy is to support and educate vocalists (and teachers of voice) in their quest to learn and teach those principles of vocal technique based on scientific fact and truth, thereby enhancing the health and beauty of the voice and empowering the singer in artistry through vocal functional freedom. I believe that with vocal truth (physiology of voice), we can train the instrument with the utmost skill, allowing true artistry to live in conjunction with the vocal apparatus. 

I build perfect registration with perfect blend from bottom to top!  My students vary in age and voice type. I believe that everyone has the potential to sing well if they have the desire and the proper training.  Don't hesitate to try to improve your singing with voice lessons.  I use creative and holistic techniques based on science and physiology of the voice to bring guaranteed results.

Pedaogical Influences:                                                         
-Joel Ewing, Herbert Caesari, William Vennard, Cornelius Reid, Louis Bachner, E.B. White & others

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